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During the proposal-development process, everyone knows that it is important to conduct periodic reviews to monitor the progress of the proposal and ensure that it is headed in the right direction. However, most contractors fail to get the value they are seeking out of the proposal-review process — often, the wrong people are brought in to review, and very little process is applied to the review itself. A successful review is one that is effectively facilitated, focuses on the evaluation criteria the Government will apply in its award evaluation, and ensures comprehensive proposal compliance with all requirements. Establishing the right structure or framework for a review focuses the reviewers on the critical evaluation factors for the proposal, increases the value of reviewer feedback, and ensures that feedback is delivered to the author team in an effective way that contributes meaningfully to the ongoing development of the solution you are proposing.


  • In-Brief/Instructions to Review Team

  • Coordination of Review
  • Comment Compilation
  • Out-Brief

  • Compliance Reviews


All proposals have one thing in common — no one controls the deadline. When it comes to reviews, all companies want better, more effective reviews, but structuring an effective review covering compliance, solution, selling/compelling, and the evaluation criteria is a challenge for most companies.

The BID Designs® BID Review team takes the lead to ensure that your reviewers are focused on their part of the review. To help you maximize evaluation scores, we apply our proven evaluation-criteria scoring matrix for each effort specific to the RFP evaluation criteria, effectively providing a mock evaluation — looking at the proposal the same way that the evaluators will look at it.

Our review coordinator sets up the review process, including scheduling. We provide the materials required for the review and work with your lead to make review assignments. We recommend dividing reviewers between solution, compliance, selling/compelling, and section M (evaluation criteria). We then provide an in brief, giving the review team instructions. We set a deadline for comments due, compile the findings, and present for your out brief. In addition, BID Designs® applies an independent compliance review with a compliance findings report.

Key Features of Our ApproachYour Benefits
Compliance AssuranceAt each review, the BID Designs® compliance team ensures that your proposal is scrubbed against all instructions, clauses, and evaluation criteria, providing a compliance assessment report after each review.
Organized ApproachHelping you perform a highly effective and organized review, our review team will lead you through the process from review instructions, reviewer toolkits, configuration, and out briefs designed to ensure that results are achieved and actionable.
EfficientPutting the right team on the right review angles ensures that you have an effective review. Many proposal reviews are plagued with conflicting outcomes, and teams often leave with no clear instruction. Our approach ensures that the right people are on the right area with specific output requirements to aid the proposal team in applying comments.

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