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Without graphics, a complex, technical response is a long, dry read. The value of proposal graphics is more than making a proposal look attractive — proposal graphics are the virtual tour guide of the proposal, speaking on the writer’s behalf and guiding the reader to a full understanding of your value proposition.


  • Captivating, Client-Focused Proposal Covers
  • High-Quality Images
  • Custom Content Design of Your Graphic Vision
  • Stock Photo Options Available


Is your proposal written for the evaluator who likes to read or the evaluator who likes graphic depictions of content? The most effective proposals strategically mix the two to create a document that not only is visually appealing, but also presents compelling content in a way that maximizes winning points to the government evaluation team. Many companies want more graphics, but they do not have the time and resources to completely give their proposals the winning edge that high-quality and effective graphics can provide.

With our unique focus of RFP-trained graphic illustrators, our graphics team examines compliance, works with you to bring your concepts to life, and efficiently designs and produces winning content from cover to cover. We apply a consistent color theme for optimal company branding, and we ensure that all of your graphics are of the highest quality possible and that you retain the source files of all graphics.

Translating complex concepts into effective graphics requires an iterative approach, so we include graphics development as a critical element of the proposal schedule, and we coordinate with you early in the proposal process to begin developing graphics. Our Graphics Team Manager will work with you to define your goals/objectives for each graphic and then iterate through the graphics, with frequent reviews and feedback sessions, to ensure that the concepts are effectively conveyed. We build each graphic to be compliant with RFP requirements (fonts, font sizes, etc.) from the outset, so no graphics sizing will be required as the graphics are integrated into the proposal document.

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Key Features of Our ApproachYour Benefits
Create An ImpactWhen it comes to your proposal, impressions are everything! A good graphic design will help immediately capture the attention of your readers and keep them focused longer.
Stand ApartGreat graphics can create a look and feel to your proposal that distinguish you from others in an immediate way. With excellent graphic designs, you get a distinct identity to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
Build Some TrustWell-designed graphics create a professional appearance that builds trust and credibility — both are essential ingredients for a successful proposal.
Provide A Better Reading ExperienceGood graphics can help your audience understand technical and detailed concepts at a glance, which is imperative for the average reader’s attention and provides a much-appreciated break from a sea of text.


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