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A winning solution must be a compliant solution. Our experts will ensure that your proposal is 100% compliant throughout the process. We include all amendments and Q&A in our compliance-verification process. Compliance findings reports are issued at each review.

  • Review Compliance Findings
  • Final Production Checklists
  • Master Compliance Matrix
  • Cross-Reference Matrices
  • Review Checklists
  • Proposal Outlines and Templates


Your company relies on 100% compliance on every proposal you bid. This takes time and the right skilled team to look at every angle of compliance. With limited time and resources, most companies cannot devote the focus needed to ensure that a compliant proposal is submitted.

The BID Designs® Compliance Assurance Services team is a focused group that works only on compliance, with no other distractions during the proposal. We ensure that your proposal is outlined and responds to section L, M, H, the PWS, and other requirements specific to the RFP that should be addressed in your response.

We begin compliance with the release of the RFP and don’t stop until your proposal is submitted. Our highly experienced professionals take compliance very seriously and allow you to work on your winning solution, while you’re assured that we have covered compliance for you.

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Key Features of Our ApproachYour Benefits
Dedicated, Highly Experienced Compliance Manager and TeamConfidence that your proposal is being examined by highly trained professionals in compliance.
Compliance-Based Outlines and TemplatesCompliance built into your templates from the beginning, eliminating rework due to compliance issues.
Detailed Compliance Matrix and Outlines Updated at Each AmendmentEnsures that Section L, M, H, and C* are fully covered within your response and amended as the RFP changes.
Compliance ReviewsSupporting your review teams with a full focus on compliance at every turn, complete with a full compliance report with our findings.
Final Production Compliance VerificationAfter the last inputs, we verify that the entire proposal is compliant across all volumes for you, including all amendments and applicable QA.

*FAR Part 15 acquisitions. For RFPs where the Uniform Contract Format is not used, we apply the same focus on instructions, evaluation, additional contract requirements, and performance work statement/scope of work.

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