About Us

BID Designs® was founded in November 2006 by Huntsville native, Brent Paris. The firm started in a home office and eventually grew into an 18-person company operating in our 5,000-square-foot proposal center in Perimeter Corporate Park. Through the years, BID Designs has evolved and re-aligned our company as our clients have, so we have constantly stayed in touch with the latest trends, needs, and challenges that our clients face. BID Designs does not use consultants to support proposal efforts, but rather we have established a highly experienced and trained workforce that has led to our exceptional 99% client-retention rate.

To date, we have a 100% client-referral base. Before we engage with any new client, we carefully evaluate that client’s needs to ensure that our business relationship will be an effective match in both expectations and services required.

Working with BID Designs is a unique experience for our clients, who quickly realize that our dedicated team of professionals works with the highest integrity and ethics. Every effort on our client’s behalf is executed in a highly professional manner to produce proposals that are not only compliant but also best reflect our client’s high-quality capabilities, professionalism, and reputation.

BID Designs has crafted a solution over the last 10 years that meets the exact infrastructure needs our clients face by providing a unique model for proposal support and product delivery. Instead of using consultants, as many proposal firms do, we provide a highly experienced and trained full-time team that delivers specific results at each critical juncture of the proposal process. In effect, we provide the proposal support services that every company wants but cannot afford to retain on staff. Our team works to ISO 9001 compliance procedures to ensure that every element of proposal support is carefully executed to compliance and quality.