Supporting your proposal team, BID Designs can support you in a specific area or multiple areas, or we can provide you with our proven, turnkey solution that incorporates all critical support elements.

When you need proposal managers, capture managers, or proposal writers, we will be glad to recommend vetted, independent consultants.


Compliance Assurance Services


A winning solution must be a compliant solution, and our experts can help ensure that yours is 100% compliant.




Scheduling & Coordination Services


We can help you develop the most efficient schedule, with the right team, to ensure that key milestones are met.




Proposal Review Services


We’re pros at structuring results-generating reviews that cover compliance, solutions, selling/compelling, and RFP evaluation criteria.




Proposal Graphics Services


Our team can bring your proposal to life, with compelling design and winning content, cover to cover.




Proposal Publishing Services


Our experts can guide your proposal through formatting, editing, and production to RFP compliance specs.



Bid Designs has always been there for SDI. We have used their fabulous services for everything from putting professional touches on briefings to handling almost every aspect of the coordination necessary to produce high quality, compliant, successful proposals. 2015-2016 is the third straight year we have participated in the Bid Select Plan and we are proud to have Bid Designs on our team to help us win in the demanding Government contracts market.
Stephen C. Smith, Vice President, System Dynamics International, Inc.
Finding the BID Designs team has been a game-changer for our company. They add unbelievable value for small companies that can’t afford a full-blown, full-time proposal production and management team. With the support we have received from BID Designs, we won our very first Prime Contract this year. We could not have achieved that without them. We highly recommend the BID Designs team to any company that desires growth within the DoD sector.
Lawana Brockwell, Owner/CEO & Tim Brockwell, Owner/President, Brockwell Technologies, Inc., Huntsville, AL
BID Designs has been a proposal partner of Qualis Corporation for more than eight years, providing us support from proposal planning to submittal.  We entrust BID Designs with our win strategies and competitive information, and rely on them to consistently bring us real expertise, assured quality, and their commitment to our success.  Without fail — without skipping a beat — Brent Paris and his talented team continue to deliver for Qualis.
Cathy Shields, VP Business Development, Qualis Corporation
The staff at BID Designs provided exceptional compliance support for some of our recent proposals. Not only did they collect and interpret detailed requirements of the RFP instructions, but they also incorporated numerous amendment changes into the compliance matrix before we became aware of an amendment being released. Their prompt actions saved us valuable time and eliminated duplication of resources.
Roger A. Rhodes, Corporate Development, MTA, Inc., Huntsville, AL
BID Designs provides a consistent and high-quality product while maintaining outstanding customer service throughout all phases of the proposal development cycle.
Mike Durant, Owner/CEO & President, Pinnacle Solutions, Inc., Huntsville, AL
BID Designs does an outstanding job of turning our concepts & ideas into compelling, hard-hitting graphics for both proposals and our marketing materials.  Their graphics team is thorough, effective, and ultimately focused on delivering customer satisfaction.
Sheila Cummings, CEO/President, Cummings Aerospace, Huntsville, AL
BID Designs has been instrumental in helping us improve our proposal process and product. Their team is a pleasure to work with and is extremely gifted in helping us tell a clear story and provide a clear answer in our proposals. They eliminate the logistical and communications snafus that often make proposal writing tedious and costly. BID Design’s attention to detail and document compliance streamlines the entire experience and gives so much peace of mind. Their insights and business-development mentality have been helpful in all areas of our business.
Jonathan Hard, CEO/President, H2L Solutions, Inc., Huntsville, AL
BID Designs is a valuable partner of WBCNA. They are the title sponsor of our Government Procurement Assistance Center (GPAC) and are the providers of proposal training for the WBCNA GPAC Program. The services that they provide to government contractors are top quality and success oriented.
Joanne W. Randolph, President & CEO, Women's Business Center North Alabama (WBCNA), Huntsville, AL
I want to express my appreciation to BID Designs for developing and conducting this exceptional event (BID-ConneX). The entire conference was outstanding, including the food, facilities, and fellowship with local business leaders. I congratulate BID Designs for an excellent job — the best Huntsville conference that I have attended in the past 30 years. Thanks so much for your wonderful efforts to bring our business community together for the benefit of all. I am very much looking forward to your next conference.
Harold R. Bright, CEO, Integrated Logistics Solutions, Inc., Huntsville, AL
BID Designs is an outstanding company that produces highly effective and innovative solutions in a professional, timely, and cost-effective manner. We have used their services on several projects, and each one has been a tremendous success.
Jim Spencer, President/CEO, Eagle Support Services, Huntsville, AL

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